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Education. Technological Integration. Globalization.

These three words form the basis of our organization.

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  • Common Core Stopped in NY- What does this mean for it as a whole?


    The Common Core is a national standard in education to make, the nation as a whole, equal when it comes to education and learning. One of the articles we wrote a few months ago was about the need for national standards. While national standards are necessary, the implementation of them so far has not helped

  • The Socratic Method- The new but old way to teach, and learn


    “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” Socrates, the great Greek philospher said this. Socrates was known for his immense contributions to the understanding about the world and his teachings. He is considered one of the greatest teachers ever but that contradicts with his own quote. He said how he can’t

  • Integrating classrooms in more ways than one: Pros? Cons?


    Should classes have a mix of high-performing and low-performing students? It would be great if everyone could have individualized attention, but that’s not possible. Some think that high-performing students can help inspire low-performing students. Mixed classes can form a sense of unity and cooperation. Others believe that it is unfair to have mixed classrooms because

  • The Need for National Standards

    apple book

    There are two teenagers. Both of them are valedictorians, both play the same sports, both apply to the same college, and both get in. On paper, the two kids look the same but when they get to school, it is a different story. One excels and goes on to finish at the top of his/her

  • 5 Free iPhone Applications Every High School Student Should Use


    1. SAT Question of the Day Oftentimes, it is difficult to find new, fresh questions to practice. The SAT Question of the Day is a free app by the College Board and it is excellent preparation. In case you didn’t know, the College Board is the test company accountable for the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, and all the AP’s.The College Board sends out a free question

  • Cell Phones: Learning tools or high-tech distractions?


    Cell phones are incredible, aren’t they? From Angry Birds to Vine, CandyCrush to Instagram, our cell phones can do just about anything you can think of, and then probably some more. It’s no surprise that students are constantly staring at their multi-talented phone screens. And it’s no surprise that teachers feel the need to ban