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September 2013 Newsletter

Happy Fall!

We hope everyone is having a great start to the new school year! We are very excited about the new developments in educational technology that will be used to expand access across the globe. As universities begin to offer more courses online for free and other providers create more online tools for students to use, getting an education will become easier and easier! We are proud to be part of this new trend in education with the updated version of our Education Portal!

Education Portal

Our newest and biggest program is moving on to the second phase! Last June, we piloted our online video courses program, by having students in New York create review videos for their state exams, which we hosted on YouTube. In a course of two weeks, we were able to help over 4,000 students prepare for their final examinations! In addition, those taking the exam during the summer months and those preparing for a new school year, totaled another 1,000 students. We are now launching full courses in addition to the video reviews. We will launch the new system in mid-October with a SAT course in critical reading. We hope to offer courses in all three sections that will allow students to improve their scores for free, online, and at their convenience. Our courses will be free, but they will feature advertisements, and all revenue generated will be used to fund our other programs for expanding educational opportunities. We hope to release concrete data about the achievements of the SAT course by the end of 2013! 

Our Website

Our website is continuously updated to reflect changes in our organization. Here are just a few: 

1. Mobile Friendly: In an effort to reach a wider audience, T2L has created a modern and mobile-friendly website. Visit us at teach-2-learn.org

2. Education Portal: The Teach to Learn Portal is now streamlined into the main website to make it easier to navigate and find. 

3. Blog: We are launching a blog that will discuss various issues in education and also feature various columns to provide tips and advice to students regarding books, college entrance examinations, and courses. 

Email us with suggestions/questions: [email protected] 

How to Help

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Here are some of the ways you can get involved: 

1. Instructor: We are hoping to provide various courses by the end of the 2013-2014 school year through our portal, and are recruiting instructors to help us create them. We will help with all technical aspects of it and can customize features to the needs of your curriculum. 

2. Read: We are always looking for more readers to go out to preschools and libraries to read to them and give out books. Spend the afternoon reading Green Eggs and Ham or Goodnight Moon!

3. Lead: We have a few positions open at the state and national level, If you have the time and determination, apply right away. 

4. Donate: As any non-profit organization is, we are dependent on our donors. Even if you can only donate a small amount, it can go a long way in supporting our programs. 

5. Spread the word: Forward this email, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. This will keep you connected and hopefully get others involved as well. 

New Team Member

Please join us in welcoming Anish Dhar (anishdhar.com) to our executive team as the new VP of Operations (COO)!!! His unique experience with the integration of technology and education will be essential to lead us in fulfilling our mission!

New Jersey

Our New Jersey chapter is geared up for the new school year after a successful start early in 2013. They are working on sending school supplies to Nigeria, create videos for the education portal, and holding reading events to encourage younger children to enjoy reading! We look forward to their first full school year as a chapter of Teach to Learn!

International Update

We are working on starting chapters in South Korea and Uganda. Both branches our working on filling out the essential paperwork to register with their respective governments. We hope to start programs later in 2013 in South Korea and hopefully soon thereafter in Uganda. 

New York

Teach to Learn- New York has been hard at work preparing for the new school year. In August, they participated in a Back to School Event at the Jefferson Valley Mall, where they read to children and gave out books! Pictures are available on our website and Facebook page! They will be starting a weekly SAT course in Northern Westchester in November. (Contact the president of T2L-NY at [email protected] if you want to register!) They will also be working on the Let’s Read program that is supported by a grant from Macy’s. They have built over 20 bookshelves through the help of local boy scouts to provide to young children in the fall!