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Spanish-speaking students left behind in New York

Recently, New York districts with more Spanish-speaking students have reported devastatingly low test
scores. Their reasoning is that these students have a wide variety of knowledge of the English language,
and that there is a lack of money in the school systems. But this blame cannot be placed upon the
students. They must be treated as individuals rather than statistics; they are clearly not focusing on
the students themselves.

are many ways to go about trying to make a change in these students’ lives, giving them the chance to
excel in the English language, hence, excel in their school districts. Perhaps by targeting the parents, as
suggested in the article, students can be more motivated to learn English. If a child is told at a young
age that they are destined to fail, and if they see their own poor test scores in a failing school, they will
not be motivated to educate themselves in school. It is the responsibility of the schools themselves,
therefore, to help these students at a young age. Despite the lack of money, and despite the prevalence
of Spanish-speakers, it is the school’s job to provide a meaningful education to these children. And these
statistics certainly show that these schools need to fundamentally change the way they are teaching

In North Rockland schools, 82 percent of seventh-graders failed to hit targets for math. In Port Chester, 85 percent of fourth-graders missed English language arts targets. In Ossining, 84 percent of eighth-graders came up short in math. In Peekskill, 92 percent of fifth-graders missed state goals for English language arts.

Take a look at those statistics. Those statistics are absolutely insane.

However, it seems that schools aren’t keeping the lagging students at top priority, but instead, are doing what
they can to keep their school on the charts. If these schools can’t make the sacrifices they
need to make for the sake of the students, well, this is where organizations like Teach to Learn- a non-profit organization that devotes itself to teaching students, including teaching the fundamentals of the English
language; run by students, for the students- come

The fact that you’re even reading this blog post shows that you’re part of something greater
too, something that has puts students first, and aims to express the capabilities of students that aren’t
given the opportunity, rather than focus on raising statistics. Share the post if you agree!