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October 2013 Newsletter

We hope you had a safe Halloween!

It’s starting to get colder outside, and we are preparing for the holiday season! We have many exciting events planned for the remainder of the year, and are also getting ready to plan for 2014! We have launched our holiday fundraising campaign and would appreciate any amount you can donate: GoFundMe Campaign. Your donations helped us provide test preparation resources for over 6,000 students in the past four months alone! We are hard at work to expand the Educational Portal, so that even more students can benefit from our free resources

As the holiday season approaches, we hope you will use the following link: Amazon.com, for your holiday shopping! For every purchase made through this, we receive 10% of what you spend! It’s an easy way to help us pursue our mission!

Most “Liked” Daily Quote From October

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October Blog Posts

Education and Innovation, Finally

The education world is moving towards technological integration (one of T2L’s key values). With schools using more computer-centered learning and using the resources available to them on the internet, they are properly equipping students to innovate in their own careers later in life. We are also moving away from the teaching style of the earlier centuries that focused on rote memorization and information regurgitation. We now emphasize focus on analytical skills and critical thinking, as both are more important in a society where information is readily found, and need only be utilized properly. Read Full Post

Spanish-speaking students left behind in New York

Recently, New York districts with more Spanish-speaking students have reported devastatingly low test scores. Their reasoning is that these students have a wide variety of knowledge of the English language, and that there is a lack of money in the school systems. But this blame cannot be placed upon the students. They must be treated as individuals rather than statistics; they are clearly not focusing on the students themselves. Read Full Post

Increased Compulsory Schooling: A Case Study of Turkey

In 1997, Turkey changed its compulsory schooling requirement from five years to eight years.

An article published this month by The Economic Research Forum of Egypt evaluated data regarding the effect of this policy change, “Does Longer Compulsory Education Equalize Educational Attainment? Evidence From A Major Policy Reform.” They had some interesting findings that are worth discussing. Read Full Post

Our Website

We have three new features on our website:

1. Word of the Day: We have been sharing a Word of the Day, with the definition, sentence, and word origin on our website and social media pages! Here: Word of the Day Page

2. Common Core: We have published the Common Core standards organized by grade level on an easy to use page. Here: Common Core Standards Page

3. SAT Essay Section: Our Blog is regularly adding analysis of previous College Board SAT Essays to help students prepare for future examinations. Here: Blog Posts Page

Email us with suggestions/questions: [email protected]

How to Help

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

1. Instructor: We are hoping to provide various courses by the end of the 2013-2014 school year through our portal, and are recruiting instructors to help us create them. We will help with all technical aspects of it and can customize features to the needs of your curriculum.

2. Read: We are always looking for more readers to go out to preschools and libraries to read to them and give out books. Spend the afternoon reading Green Eggs and Ham or Goodnight Moon!

3. Lead: We have a few positions open at the state and national level, If you have the time and determination, apply right away.

4. Donate: As any non-profit organization is, we are dependent on our donors.. Even if you can only donate a small amount, it can go a long way in supporting our programs.

5. Spread the word: Forward this email, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. This will keep you connected and hopefully get others involved as well.


Wal-Mart Foundation

We have been chosen by our hometown Wal-Mart facility to receive a grant to help support our programs!

Point Global

You can now make a socially responsible investment and help Teach to Learn!

Investors in Point Global’s Socially Responsible Investments have the ability to designate the recipient of a yearly charitable gift. With 50% of company profits being donated to charity, Point Global is able to empower people to take actions that will improve their community, building a Global Grass Roots network of people who share a sense of responsibility to society.

Support the Teach to Learn Foundation by investing at www.Point-Global.com

Google Grants

Google has approved Teach to Learn’s grant for its Non-Profit Adwords campaign. Starting in November we will receive 10,000 dollars worth of advertising to help reach out to potential students!

New Jersey


Teach to Learn-NJ is selling handmade jewelry at a fair to help raise money for their local projects. They’ll be posting pictures soon!

Education Portal

T2L-NJ is making use of a professional recording studio at a local high school to create videos for our education portal. We look forward to sharing them with our students!

New York

Partnership with Peekskill Reads

Teach to Learn-New York partnered with Peekskill Reads (run by Peekskill’s mayor). We provided 200 books and helped read to over 100 children at the Field Library! Our volunteers had as much fun (if not more!) as the children who attended. Check out pictures here: Peekskill Reads Event Pictures.

SAT Classes

The beginning of November marks the start of our SAT classes in Northern Westchester! They will run once a week at both Walter Panas High School and Lakeland High School. (Contact the president of T2L-NY at [email protected] if you want to register!) We will be providing practice exams and help students tackle tough concepts by working with students who received a score in the top 95th percentile!