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T2L Debate Fund Grant Application

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The Teach to Learn Foundation Debate Fund Committee has approved a grants program for high school students who are seeking funding to attend tournaments that are currently unaffordable for them. We currently are awarding a maximum of five grants of up to $250 each to be awarded for participation during the first semester of the 2014-2015 school year. More grants will be announced pending additional funding. Applicants are invited to submit a formal application four weeks prior to the departure date for the tournament.  High school students interested in receiving the grant have 2 options to submit their applications and supplemental materials.

1. Email: Please send scanned copies of completed materials to [email protected]

2. Mail:  Completed copies of your materials should be addressed to

Teach to Learn
℅ Debate Fund
156 Locust Ave
Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

We would ideally like to accept every application that is submitted, but realities of a young fund make that impossible. Our committee will evaluate applications with the intent of providing the opportunity to compete at tournaments  to teams that would otherwise be unable to attend. We look forward to hearing from you.


Cover Page  – Email [email protected]

Results [Last/This Seasons Only] – Tournaments Attended, Prelim Records, Elimination Results, and Speaker Awards

Personal Data on applying students (Extra Curricular Activities, Honors, Awards, Scholarships)

Proof of need

School/Program Need: All of the following is needed to prove program need:

-A signed statement from a school administrator (not coach) indicating that a need for the funds exists specifically in the context of the grant

-Proof of fundraising efforts thus far

-An itemized budget of expenditures for the trip

Parental Need: Only one of the following is needed to prove parental need:

-Proof of unemployment

-Proof of free/reduced lunch status

-Copy of tax return (for both spouses if married)


In order to make most effective use of the funds, the committee has adopted the following procedures:

-Grants will be awarded before the tournament, but payout will only occur after.

-Before payout occurs, the following must be submitted:

-Itemized budget of tournament expenditures

-Receipts for the specific costs which are being payed for by the Fund

-Proof that the need was not met by other fundraising efforts (Itemized revenue with receipts/proof where possible)

-Checks will not be made out to students or coaches. Checks can only be made payable to the program itself.

-If the specific pair of students that was awarded the grant does not attend the tournament for which the grant was intended, the grant will no longer be effective and the monies will be reallocated.